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How Do I Participate?

DEEP is a residential energy efficiency program designed to help homeowners prioritize energy efficient measures, navigate contractor management, and help Duluth residents find all available rebates and incentives.

Two Simple Steps:

Step 1: Schedule a Home Performance Audit

A Home Performance Audit is an advanced on-site assessment that includes a blower door air leakage test, an infrared thermal scan and a combustion safety test. The Home Performance Audit  will identify and prioritize the energy efficiency improvements that will have the best return on your investment. Call 218-336-1038 to schedule your home audit.  Visit our "Home Audit" page for more information. 

Step 2: Get the Work Done Right

Whether contracted or doing the work yourself, DEEP will help you make sure the right work is done right.  DEEP staff will assist you in identifying improvements to be completed and work with you to obtain bids from qualified contractors. From personalized consultation to connecting you with qualified contractors, DEEP can make navigating your improvements worry free.